John Zelezny
Wordsmith for Serious Business
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John Zelezny

Though I’m a full-time executive in central California, I am able to serve a limited number of clients in the following ways:

Senior Writer

I strategize, craft, or edit such challenging communications as:

  • Corporate profiles and annual reports
  • Speeches for government officials and business leaders
  • “Op-ed” columns for newspapers and magazines
  • Website content
  • Strategic plans and position papers
  • Media statements
  • Board proposals

Depending on the nature and duration of a project, writing and editing fees are set by project or by hour.


Common topics for my speaking engagements include:

  • Mechanics of the First Amendment
  • Vital signs of free expression in America
  • Copyright basics for authors
  • Writing rules and myths
  • Business memos as a tool for advancement
  • Persuasive business writing in the new-media era

Speaking occasions typically include college lectures, author conferences, business conferences, and private engagements for staff at various businesses.


I enjoy serving as a communications coach. Writing or presentation samples are analyzed, and I make specific suggestions on everything from strategic approach to tone to mechanics. Coaching services can be provided in small-group workshops or one-on-one over several sessions, in person or by phone. The aim is to achieve communications known for brevity, clarity, professionalism, and effectiveness—communications that demand attention.